【Gaofenzi.org短讯】根据今日《科学》杂志报道,美国罗格斯大学的研究团队开发出一种新型微波方法法制备高质量的石墨烯材料,很牛逼地说,科研人员将氧化石墨烯(graphene oxide)放入1000瓦功率的微波炉中,烤上1秒钟后,就得到几乎不含氧的极高质量的石墨烯(graphene)成品。(氧化石墨烯到石墨烯啊!!!)牛逼的工作不需要更多的文字去描述它,大家有兴趣就看文献去吧!!!


参考文献:High-quality graphene via microwave reduction of solution-exfoliated graphene oxide,” Science, DOI: 10.1126/science.aah3398

摘要:Efficient exfoliation of graphite in solutions to obtain high-quality graphene flakes is desirable for printable electronics, catalysis, energy storage, and composites. Graphite oxide with large lateral dimensions has an exfoliation yield of ~100% but it has not been possible to completely remove the oxygen functional groups so that the reduced form of graphene oxide (GO) remains a highly disordered material. Here, we report a simple, rapid method to reduce GO (rGO) into pristine graphene using 1- to 2-second pulses of microwaves. The excellent structural properties are translated into mobility values of > 1000 centimeter squared per volt per second in field effect transistors (FETs) with MW-rGO as the channel material and in exceptionally high activity for MW-rGO catalyst support toward oxygen evolution reaction (OER).




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