哈弗大学研究人员近日在《Science》报道一种很牛逼的胶黏剂,可用于湿润的组织表面粘合,而且生物安全性良好,有望称为人体组织医用胶,其中研究人员使用该材料进行动物实验,取得成功,研究人员使用他们的Tough Adhesives成功地修补了一颗猪心,同时使用这种组织胶也阻止大鼠肝脏出血。



参考文献:Tough adhesives for diverse wet surfaces,Science 28 Jul 2017:Vol. 357, Issue 6349, pp. 378-381,DOI: 10.1126/science.aah6362

摘要:Adhesion to wet and dynamic surfaces, including biological tissues, is important in many fields but has proven to be extremely challenging. Existing adhesives are cytotoxic, adhere weakly to tissues, or cannot be used in wet environments. We report a bioinspired design for adhesives consisting of two layers: an adhesive surface and a dissipative matrix. The former adheres to the substrate by electrostatic interactions, covalent bonds, and physical interpenetration. The latter amplifies energy dissipation through hysteresis. The two layers synergistically lead to higher adhesion energies on wet surfaces as compared with those of existing adhesives. Adhesion occurs within minutes, independent of blood exposure and compatible with in vivo dynamic movements. This family of adhesives may be useful in many areas of application, including tissue adhesives, wound dressings, and tissue repair.



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