gaofenzi.org短讯:SO.F.TER.公司发布新型TPE材料Laprene® 83FE00864,基于SEBS的新型热塑性弹性体材料,具有优异的柔软、透明、弹性恢复性和抗撕裂强度,可通过挤出制备厚度只有50微米的弹性薄膜,而且可以与其它材料比如PP共挤出制备多层薄膜。该材料无有害物质,可与食品接触,可用于个人护理产品,以及其它医药领域。

SO.F.TER. is pleased to present a new SEBS-based compound for the production of elastic films characterized by excellent softness and transparency, optimal elastic recovery and high tear resistance.The material, called Laprene® 83FE00864, can be transformed by blown film extrusion into an extremely thin sheet, with thickness up to 50 microns. Moreover, it can be co-extruded with other polyolefins such as Polyethylene for the production of multi-layer films.The new Laprene® 83FE00864 is suitable for contact with a wide range of food products and is completely free of hazardous substances. Its softness makes it particularly comfortable and ideal for production of personal hygiene products, such as senior and baby diapers, and for other applications in the paramedical sector.




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